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The difference between a good Austin web design and an exceptional site design is that the latter creates a seamless user experience capturing attention of the online visitors and guiding them through the path from conversion to customer. Indeed no two businesses are alike. But the underlying foundation that makes it possible to get them from zero to the finish line is the same.

Exceptional Texas web design requires working on the solid foundation of latest technologies and adjusting them to the idiosyncrasy of your business. The science is in the technology, while the art is in the focus. You need to utilize the latest design web technologies and customize it by focusing on the needs of the businesses.

Here will look at 3 of the latest Austin web design development technologies that you can use to create exceptional site design along with their benefits.

1. Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Responsive web design (RWD) means designing websites that provide optimal viewing and interaction experience. RWD is an approach that focuses on developing Austin websites optimized for viewing in multiple platforms. The approach is essential in view of increased usage of mobiles devices such as smartphones and tablets for accessing websites. Crafting a user friendly, responsive website design improves the search engine ranking or SEO and also lowers the bounce rate, which refers to customers leaving the site due to poor user experience.

2. Effective Web Design Platforms

About 80% of the websites are designed using WordPress, Joomla, and Magento platforms and all for good reasons. All the three platforms are open source, which allows creating a perfectly customized website.

WordPress platform gives you powerful tools to design nice, professional and search engine friendly websites. It is the best CMS (content management system) platform that allows organizing, publishing, editing, and modifying website content without much difficulty. Wells Fargo Bank is a good example of WordPress development.

Joomla is a popular plus an effective platform that comes with an unfading assurance of superb UX (a geek term for “user experience”). Joomla website development tools allow you to create eye catching online design that creates the best browsing experience for online visitors. It combines the best features of Magento and WordPress in creating effective design that really awes and impresses the customers. Example of websites built using Joomla includes The HillBBC AmericaGuggenheim.

Working with Magento is relatively hard but it is worth it in the end if you have an ecommerce website design platform. The best thing about sites built using Magento platform is that it is extremely stable. Some of the websites that were built on Magento platform include The Canvas On Demand and Ecklers Corvette.

3. Fluid Web Design – Semantics UI

Third and most important technology that helps in creating exceptional web design is Semantic UI technology. The technology allows you to create beautiful responsive layouts that look great on all screen sizes and devices. Semantic comes with a user friendly inheritance system and high level variables that gives you freedom to create bespoke online design.

At the end of the day, website design and web development using the above website technologies can create custom user experience resulting in instant impact. Contact Page Club to get help in designing a website that creates unforgettable user experience. Our full service web design solution will provide you exactly what you need today while at the same time catering to your future eCommerce website development needs