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                         Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a form of online marketing services wherein an advertiser purchases advertising space through a search engine. In the early 1990s, PPC advertising enjoyed brief popularity, but many advertisers abandoned it when fraudulent clicks started costing them too much money. continued running PPC ads, and when Yahoo! purchased that company in 2003, they launched the Yahoo Search Marketing service.

Google also played a role in the development of the modern PPC advertising program. They began dabbling in PPC ads as early as 1999, but their Adwords program saw little success early on. In 2003, Google launched AdSense, its contextual advertising program, and this new format led to the increased popularity of Google PPC advertising. Since that time, Adwords has become the most popular PPC program available.

Modern PPC

The two most common PPC programs being used today are Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo Search Marketing. These modern PPC advertising programs revolve around bidding on particular keywords. When someone searches for a keyword that you have successfully bid on, your ad will appear in the search engine results. The more popular the keyword, the more you may pay per click. On the other hand, the less popular the keyword, the less likely it is that the ad will be seen.

Why You Need a PPC Campaign

Search Engine Optimization is a natural, organic way to make sure your website shows up in the search engines, but there is no way to guarantee that your site will be listed high for a particular keyword. PPC helps your business by allowing you to reach your target audience much more effectively through targeted keywords. Also, you only pay for clicks, which means you do not pay if the ads are not bringing traffic to your site.

Google Advertising

Google is the most popular search engine on the web, and Google Adwords is its pay per click advertising program. This powerful Google advertising medium allows business owners to target readers through keywords, write their own ads, and manage the amount of money they put into their advertising on a month-to-month basis. Adwords can bring excellent results, but you can also waste thousands of dollars in this PPC plan if you do not manage it properly from day one.

What Are Google Adword Ads?

When you Google a term, the yellow ad box will display directly below the search box or to the right hand side of the page.

Making Adwords Work for You

Adwords campaigns can either turn your website into a revenue generating asset or an expensive line in your office’s budget. The key to success is proper planning from the day you set up your PPC campaign.

This begins with proper keyword research, and a proper bidding structure. Keyword research helps you find the phrases that will increase your income by drawing traffic from your target market.

Besides keywords, we will focus on the ad copy itself and landing page. Captivating ad copy that encourages clicks will lead traffic to a great landing page which will convert to leads or sales.

Analyzing Results

Tracking your conversions and using that to figure a return on investment will show us which campaigns are working and which are not. We will use a variety of tools including Google analytics to help scale your PPC campaigns.

As a Pay Per Click Management Company we are ready to launch or optimize your Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing ads. We will help choose the best targeted keywords, plan your advertising campaign, and help analyze your results.

We are waiting to help you drive more targeted traffic to your site through PPC advertising. Let us help you maximize your advertising budget through successful pay per click marketing efforts!

Monthly pricing will vary on size of account, landing pages, and monthly adspend.

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